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Store Policy

Below are the policies & conditions to follow by the Store/Seller at CraftShopsIndia.com (CSI)

  • CraftShopsIndia.com is an online website portal where anyone from India can create their store and sell their products with their name; also anyone can buy any products uploaded by the stores. This website portal is owned by Craft Shops India, Ahmedabad Gujarat India.
  • The details is seller policies of Information Technology and rules are formed by Indian act for Information technology, these POLICIES require to use of website CraftShopsIndia.com as per the Information Technology law by Indian Govt.
  • These POLICIES are generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signatures.
  • By using this website portal you are agree & bound by the store policies.
  • This applies to all types of users of the website portal, including without limitation users who are sellers, customers, contributors of content, information and other materials or services on the website portal.
  • Anyone from India can create their online store with Craftshopsindia.com (CSI) and start selling their products to the online virtual market.
  • By creating store account with CSI and by clicking on the "I Agree" button you agree to be bound by these rules as a store owner.
  • No upfront fees for creating store on CSI, totally FREE.
  • Only Indian store can be registered with full address & contact details.
  • A unique store name required for each while sign up, it should be unique based on the existing stores, CSI reserved the rights to change the store name as and when required.
  • Store owner must complete all details as required and he/she should be 18+ years.
  • Information given at the time of sign up should be accurate and 100% genuine, CSI will cross check and if found incorrect then store will be disapprove or removed at any point of time and all payments will be block, for better communications, update information time to time as required.
  • Store cannot sell any banned / prohibited / illegal / copy right items, else store can be suspend or remove without notice.
  • Store are fully & solely responsible for all the products added to the store page, any copy right or any legal problem occurred, store will be fully responsible for it.
  • Store can not sell or upload any copy right products for which store do not have rights to sell online or offline, if any copy right issue raised by 3rd party, store is fully responsible for any legal activities or penalty.
  • Store are requested to sell good quality products, if product quality is not good or incorrect / half information given then CSI has rights to remove / deactivate the product.
  • Any dispute between store and buyer will be settled by store, store is fully responsible for any legal or any other dispute / matter if any, CSI will always try to solve the dispute by all means between 2 parties.
  • Added products should be in properly categorized, CSI reserved rights to change the category of any product at any point of time without the notification.
  • Give all possible products details like materials, colours, art work style, size, washing instruction, caring instruction etc, add all angle photos, payment and delivery details should be clear, this will help to sell your product easily.
  • If any mistake or incorrect information given by store owner while adding the products like less price / wrong photo / wrong details  etc and if order placed by buyer for the same, store owner will be fully responsible and have to compromise and deliver the correct product to buyer
  • Store have to ensure that products added to their store belong to them and they have full rights to use and sell, based on that CSI has full rights to list and display on website portal.
  • There is 17% (inclusive of tax) commission on every sell of your product from CSI website portal, CSI has rights to change commission at any point of time without any notification and approval.
  • All content/ products may only refer to the items listed on CSI and may not advertise goods not listed on CSI.
  • CSI requests store to give all necessary information regarding consumer protection as required by law and detail legal disclaimer rights if required by law.
  • Delivery time will be 2 to 3 days once order is confirmed, if any delay then the standard time, store have to communicate with CSI or buyer via email or phone, if store failed to do that order can be consider as a cancel and full refund will be given to the buyer, if any charges applies then store is liable to pay for it and CSI has rights to deduct from outstanding or recover from store.
  • Seller has to confirm the availability / non availability of the ordered product to Craft Shops India within 12 hours of the order registered & we have a facility to update with order details page.
  • Tracking details have to be submitted with every order immediately after shipment, so that Buyer and CSI can track the order status.
  • If tracking details are not submitted on time then buyer has full rights to cancel the order & if buyer cancel the order then 7% charges will apply to you on order amount. To avoid such a situation please submit tracking details as soon as possible.
  • If delay in shipping OR wrong item send OR damage item send OR not send the same item described OR not same as image displayed on product details page then buyer has full rights to cancel the order & if buyer cancel the order then 7% charges will apply  to cover marketing & transaction expenses on order amount
  • Tracking details are mandatory to get your payment from Craft Shops India. Without or with incorrect tracking details, your payment can be on hold.
  • Once an ordered product availability is confirmed by a seller and after that cancelled by a seller, 7% will be charged for cancelling an order to cover marketing & transaction expenses.
  • Do not send any personal marketing material like Brochure, Visiting Card, Flyer, Contact Details or any others with product while shipping to buyer, we cross verify this with buyer once the order is delivered, if found then CSI has rights to stop all payments or suspend the store immediately
  • Due to any product issue / delivery issue or any problem, if buyer asked for refund before or after delivery or credit / debit card transaction company may asked for recovery, in all cases store has to bear all the charges or/and CSI has rights to deduct from outstanding or recover from store owner.
  • Deactivate the products which are permantly out of stock, From 1st Oct. 2014, if any order register for out of stock product & seller unable to manage the product then 7% charges will be applied to seller to cover marketing & transaction expenses for the particular order, it is purely seller responsibility to keep update stock regularly & we have facility in seller panel to bulk update price & stock with few clicks
  • All stores are requested to define their shop policies at CSI store login & follow those. store policies are, where you can define shipping charges if any, return/exchange process and methods, Refunds and so on.
  • CSI reserves full right to request that a seller modifies its store policy(ies).